Oana Tiganus created MIKA brand after working several years in advertising, intending to capitalize a long-standing idea, that of creating jewelry from paper;she has put all her talent and artistic potency in modeling these works of art.

She was attracted to reuse advertising materials and design magazines she hadconceived during all that time. So they were turned into jewelry , managing to find a second use to them .

Paper represents several things: a text support , an illustration, history and emotion.

Books set out continuously in our daily lives and in various forms: magazines, maps, posters, ….. I like the idea that fragments of our lives will remain locked in paper jewelry.

Her collections are limited editions or unique.

MIKA transposed paper beauty in what today we call author jewelry. These jewels are intended to the public taking a special interest in this particular art, to those who appreciate the originality of a work of art , the composition, the color and … the story.

Eventually, these do matter, don’t they? “